Student Social Support and Disability Service intends to increase the percentage of students with a timely completion of their studies along with their equal access in all educational processes

In order to accomplish that, a set of specific Services is provided that is constantly evolving through redesigning the already existing support structure in the Institution as well as creating new ones where needed

This set of Services includes: educational support, the creation of accessible workstation within the main Library. th enrichment with new equipment for accessing educational material for disabled students, the production of accessible books for dyslexic users , the adjustment of websites so that they are accessible to assistive technology.

In addition, there will be a yearly economic grant offered to Disabled Students and Students that belong to Socially Vulnerable Groups, so that both categories can meet the requirements of their studies.

Η καταγραφή των αναγκών των φοιτητών καθώς και οι δράσεις στήριξης αποτελούν αναπόσπαστο κομμάτι της δράσης της μονάδας καθώς και η διασύνδεση με άλλους σχετικούς φορείς παράλληλα με δράσεις ευαισθητοποίησης.

Finally, the Services provides support to Teaching and Administrative staff in issues regarding exams, delivering lectures, accessibility equipment etc


Any suggestion regarding the operation of our Unit and the provided services are welcome by sending an email to :

Submiting your concerns regarding accessibility issus is posssible through completing this form.