Social Support and Disability Services

Dear visitors,

Taking into consideration the value of equal access of all students to the educational process, University of Ioannina has established since May 2019 a Social Support and Disability Service for Socially Vulnerable Students and Students with Disabilities

The main aim of the Service is the creation of a favorable environment within the University for supporting students that for medical or other social reasons face functional or educational issues that prevent them from completing their studies.

This Service hopes to facilitate students with learning disabilities so that they can complete their studies timely and successfully. Also, targets to effectively resolve issues regarding their academic everyday life. Thus, there is a holistic and organized effort to reinforce the fullfillment of the academic, research and proffesional aims of students.

In addition, raising awareness and informing members of the academic community of our University, as well as , residents of the city of Ioannina concerning the living conditions of students with disabilities and the ongoing challenges they face are within the scope of the Service.

The Rectorate of the University welcomes students with Disabilities and students of Vulnerable Social Groups and will make every effort to provide them with high level of academic studies ensuring their active participation in University life.