One of the main goals of our Service is to support students with disabilities by providing them guidance, tools and means to develop individual or team athletic spirit by participating in sport events. We highly believe that getting involved in sports can boost someone's self-confidence, expand their social circle and contribute in balancing day-to-day mental health . Thus, quality of life can be improved and counter social exclusion.

In collaboration with the University Athletic Hall and the excellent Coaches that embody it along with other local clubs and our amazing volunterring team we stay active and organise athletic events.

All students are welcome to participate and contribute with their ideas. 

εικόνα από ψηλά στο πανεπιστημιακό γυμναστήριο

Local Athletic Clubs

Pyrros Gym

The gym of PYRROS is housed in a space of 170sqm in the center of Ioannina in the area of ​​Paleo Hatzikostas next to EKAB, the space has been granted by the administration of Hatzikostas for the needs of the Association of Parents and Friends of Ioannina.

γυμναστήριο Πύρρου

The gym has: Locker rooms for men and women with showers and lockers for athletes. - Sauna. - 60 sq.m. for judo training. - 60 sq.m. for weight training. - Electronic treadmills and many fitness equipment.

Sports include: Judo, Swimming, Goalball and more

Στραγάλης Σταύρος

Address Ευάγγελου Χαρίτου 10 – Ιωάννινα Τ.Κ. Τηλ-Φαξ 2651065225

Wheelchair Baskeball

Λογοτυπο IBC

The first wheelchair basketball club in the city

Open call to join the team and continue the journey together.

Contact Στέφανος Χατζάρας 6945021252

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Ομάδα Μπάσκετ με Αμαξίδια IBC