Counseling Center of the University of Ioannina (SKEPI)

It is a service of University of Ioannina, which provides psychological support to all students individually or in groups. The Counseling Center does not offer ready-made solutions and tried and tested recipes. Our goal is to enhance self-awareness. In this context, each student is encouraged to use their own resources to find more effective solutions to the problems that concern them.

It is important to notice that counceling is provided for FREE to all students

Liaison Office

The Liaison Office is a central service of the University of Ioannina that aims to support students and graduates of UOI in matters of educational development and career planning, as well as in networking with the industry through the development of partnerships with Companies, Organizations, Institutes, etc.



Our website is an important tool as it enables the provision of complete and reliable information for every visitor, person with a disability or not, in order to inform them and enrich their disability study.The operation of the new upgraded website of Ε.Σ.Α.μεΑ. ensures accessibility to every visitor as it fully complies with international accessibility standards and is fully accessible to all persons with disabilities (Accessibility Level "AAA"), supplied with Announcements and Press Releases, Exhibitions, surveys and studies.

Rules of Conduct in Daily Communication with People with Disabilities

The General Secretariat of Communication-General Secretariat of Information, in cooperation with the UNESCO headquarters of the University of Macedonia, proceeded to the publication of short guides containing rules of conduct for daily communication with people with disabilities. The correctness of the terms has been checked by the Nationa Confederation Of People with Disabilities Εθνική Συνομοσπονδία Ατόμων με αναπηρία (Ε.Σ.ΑμεΑ).

You can access the original guides in pdf format in the following links:

Κανόνες Συμπεριφοράς στην Καθημερινή Επικοινωνία με Άτομα με Αναπηρία – 2009

Κανονες Συμπεριφοράς στην Καθημερινή Επικοινωνία με Άτομα με Αναπηρία – 2008


The development of AMELib (Accessible Multi-modal Electronic Library) in the framework of action 9.7 of SEAB, aims to strengthen the effort of removing barriers for disabled users of Greek academic libraries. The goal is to offer accessible content through an equally accessible web application, which relies on the application of copyright exemption provisions for print-disabled people as provided in copyright law.


Within the context .EU has adopted a policy that aims to broaden the Project to Students with Disabilities in a variety of activities alongside education . Understanding the dificulties that Students with Disabilities face when travelling abroad, this project aims to assist that and provide the means to make it successful .Thus they can apply (application) in the relevant website of IKY, where they can also find the entire process so as to accomplish that (website). People interested in appling can contact in this email: info can be found here). Finally, if all academic and general requirments are met extra credits can be added..

National Confederation of Blind

The National Federation of Blind (EOT) was founded in 2005 aiming to organize the trade union integration of the blind and ensuring its internal unity. That is in order to inform the Greek Society about the real problems faced by the blind and the visually impaired in the country.

Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece

Non profit organization for individuals with visual impairments

National Sports Federation for People with Disabilities
The National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities was founded in 2002 and operates in accordance with the Sports Law like the other Sports Federations in Greece. Represents all categories of athletes with mobility disabilities (amputation, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, etc.), mental disability and visual impairments. It is legally recognized and a member of all International Sports Federations and Organizations by disability category and by sport who are members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). In Greece, the Hellenic Paralympic Committee is a member of the IPC.


Federation of the Deaf of Greece: OM.KE